Sunday, September 6, 2015

Day 249 - 6th September 2015 - Sunrise, Cape May Warbler, Flycatcher and Painted Lady

Sunday morning - another fine day in the making. Stars and Moon are out, air feels crisp and clean. On our way to Cape Sable Island this morning, I'm going to try to let Larry sleep in a bit, but... A Says Phoebe was sighted and photographed there yesterday, so not sure how long my loved ones will get to sleep. I may have to get them up and on the road earlier than planned. And of course I would love to see those Stilt Sandpipers.  We'll still have the afternoon to do some things around home and Larry can work in the woodpile.  Compromise - works for us!
We had a good trip to Yarmouth, even though the photos weren't great and I only spotted the Wilson's Warbler (no photo) which was new for me, but none of the others that had been hanging around all week. That's the world of birding, you take your chances. Overall it was pretty quiet. The little brook on the back road was very active when we went up, but mostly the regular visitors. Did a few errand, had lunch and then got home mid afternoon. Larry worked on wood after supper, I puttered and rested. Done in again.  Funny when I was going back through my photos last night I spotted one - had to crop it heavily that looked very much like a Cape May Warbler - yup it was and another lifer for me. Note - check out every photo!
The sun was rising over Lake Philip.
 White Throated Sparrow
Black-Throated Green Warbler.
I believe it's a Least Flycatcher.

A Cape May Warbler,  another lifer for me. I didn't realize I had it til I went through my photos last evening.
Painted Lady.

Enjoy your day!

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