Monday, September 7, 2015

Day 250 - 7th September 2015 - Say's Phoebe, Sheep, Sharp-Shinned Hawk and American Oystercatcher

Monday, but not a work day, nice to have the extra day home. Larry is going to help Billy with the cottage roof this morning. I'm staying home, time to get those lunch boxes filled for the week and do some laundry/housework. Have a turkey out to cook for supper - going to be good leftovers this week. I think before  I do any of that, I better take a  roam around the hood, maybe I'll be lucky enough to find something interesting that's stopped by during migration.
So we had an amazing Sunday morning birding on Cape Sable Island. Picked up friend Cal and went in search of the Say's Phoebe she had photographed on Saturday. Well the spot he was at seemed to be the hot spot for hawks - probably 5 in all hunting so needless to say it was quiet there. Cal got a good shot of a Nelson's Sparrow though, I didn't do too bad with a couple of the Hawks. Walked down the Hawk Road to the beach and back. Nothing. Poked along the road, looking and hoping. After a while we headed to Daniel's Head in search of the Stilt Sandpipers, but then got word that the Oystercatchers were around so we did find those, then returned to our Stilt search. No luck there. Well after about 3 1/2 hours (time goes fast in the bird world) we decided to drop Cal off  and head back home. It was nice to meet birders from all over, even a couple from Maryland. Just as we were going to Cal's Johnny & Sandra stopped and hollered "the bird is at the Fish Plant Road". Down we went and found him. It was worth the wait, He let us get within 8-10 feet of him and posed like a runway model. Definitely floated home on a high after that! A message from Irene on the phone with an invitation for supper in Upper Clyde so we were only home for a few hours and off again. Great meal and evening with friends - lots of laughs and I missed getting shots of a Hawk that was hanging around there.  After a very full and active day it was time for bed, my best day in three weeks but could feel the tiredness beginning to seep in as I went up the stairs. I know I'm on the mend though.
 Say's Phoebe. This guy is a western bird so a rarity for here and very exciting.

 So I got a little excited about this bird and have lots of photos!

Sharp-Shinned Hawk hunting for breakfast.
The sheep were on the farm at the guzzle.
The juvenile American Oystercatcher at Daniel's Head.
His parents were nearby.

Enjoy your day!

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