Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Days 284 & 285 - 10th & 11th October 2016 - Sunrise, Hermit Thrush and Fall Colors.

With all the rain that was coming down and wind on Monday, my internet was just limping along and not strong enough to upload photos. No complaints from me, the rain was a very welcome sight. I spent the morning cooking and doing some cleaning. Lunches are made for Larry for the week with a few stashed in the freezer and suppers are done for the week as well. Lexi and I got out for a roam in the woods, the fungi are beginning to pop up everywhere. Back to work today, this is our last week at the Ross Thomson House. It's been a good season and I've really enjoyed the work.
We made good time and got home around noon on Sunday. Thought I'd better dash out around the hood and get a few shots of the fall colors around the lake before the rain took them all.
Sunday's sunrise - a sign of rain

A Hermit Thrush at Bear Brook

Before the rain on Sunday, the colors around the lake were beautiful
And for some it was bath time.

Enjoy your day!

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