Thursday, October 13, 2016

Day 287 - 13th October 2016 - Harbour, Deer, Gull and Song Sparrow

The morning sky is filled with stars once again, not quite as cold as it has been. Larry checked the well again last night - just up over 3 feet now, was hoping for more but it is what it is. Will check out the hood this morning on my morning walk. Most days I'm lucky to see a few Chickadees and Song Sparrows. Lots of Grackles around and Blue Jays.
Good day at work, even though it's a tad bit chilly in the museum this time of year. I did wear an extra layer which made a difference. By mid afternoon it warms up enough that  you can actually open the doors and the sun does the trick.  Guess it's probably a good thing that we close this Saturday. It's been a great season, hoping to return next year.  But I'm not quite done at the complex, have an extra couple of weeks - Greta and I are working in the textile artifact room. Going to be fun!
Such a calm morning on the harbour, boats will all soon be coming in.

A Song Sparrow hiding in some branches.

The Gulls were active in the harbour, dipping and diving looking for breakfast.

One of three deer we say by the carpool parking lot on the way home.

Enjoy your day!

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