Thursday, October 6, 2016

Day 280 - 6th October 2016 - Fall Colors and Falling Leaves

We over slept this morning - and I mean really over slept - 6:30am! Wow, guess we all needed that extra time. Another star filled sky, I can hear Coyotes yelping across the lake - would rather hear Owls. Promises of a good day ahead - lots to do before I enjoy a few days off and lunch out with a great bunch of people to top it off!
I realized last evening that laughter comes easier these days and it feels good. Took  a walk over to Lois' after supper for a jug of water and tea on the deck. It was a great day at work - nothing different than any other day, just maybe  I'm regaining some of my old self back.  Met  a small bus full of seniors from PEI in the morning before I opened the museum. They were down on the waterfront for a quick pit stop so I went into my tour guide mode and spent about 20 minutes with them, answering questions and telling them about our area. Maybe next year we can added waterfront tours to our list of fun things to offer.

The water has certainly come up in the lake, fall colors are nice.

A pop of red in a single tree as the mist swirls

 A few leaves that have fallen on a neighbour's dock

Enjoy your day!


  1. Saw a guy who lives up near back lake yesterday. Knows you. We discussed your photography. Says he sees you a lot early in the morning with the Bazooka lens. LOL I forgot to get his name but lives about 5km up the road from you.

    1. Lol Doug her lens is named Bertha :). Bigger then her!!

    2. Lol Doug her lens is named Bertha :). Bigger then her!!