Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Day 286 - 12th October 2016 - Sunrise, Dock, Mushroom and Mallards

Stars are shining brightly in the sky, all is quiet except a Duck somewhere near the shore and an Owl up the lake. Off to work in a bit, my early morning with Larry so I'll haunt the waterfront and see if maybe there is something interesting in the harbour. 
Another beautiful morning on Tuesday. A bit chilly but the sun was shining brightly and warmed things up in the afternoon. Early AM is cool but typical of moving through the fall season. Leaves and pine needles litter the forest bottom and the roadsides. My favourite time of year. Hoping the rain on Monday did some good to wells, Larry checked ours but no change. Usually ours doesn't move (up or down) for a few days. I'll wait patiently for some much needed results.

Mornings are never better than at the Lake.

 Mushrooms are popping up everywhere.

 A neighbour's floating dock, looks like it's floating in the mist.

 The Mallards were patiently waiting for breakfast at Myrna's.

Enjoy your day! 

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