Saturday, October 15, 2016

Day 289 - 15th October 2016 - Leaves, Chairs and Grandmother's Journal

Stars and moon are bright this morning - looks like it's daytime even though it's 4 am. But then a few dark clouds come sailing through blocking most of the stars. An Owl sounds closer this morning. Well today is our last day at the Ross Thomson House, the season has flown by.
Grandmother's Journal:
16th October 1977: Up before 8 o'clock. Bob, Bobbie and boys cut wood all day. Some sun. Nice earlier, very fallish now. Trees beginning to be bare. Good game with New York and Los Angeles (Dodgers). Mother, Ruth, Albert & Jimmie up for the afternoon. Ena and Ransome here before the family left. No other company. Worked most of the day. Made bread, pies. [I remember those years that they only had a wood stove - for heat and cooking. Summer days were hot in the house when she baked/cooked]
17th October 1977: Heavy rain and wind early this morning. Drive to town was awful. Roads rough and very wet. Sun came out around noon, lovely afternoon. Clouded over and hard showers at dark and early evening some thunder and lightening. Home by 9 o'clock. Bob worked in the afternoon. Saw a deer this morning.

A single leaf floating.

Love the mushrooms

My favourite chairs, time to move them back on the deck.

The lake is littered with leaves and pine spills these days.
A few new neighbours.

Enjoy your day!

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