Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Day 293 - 19th October 2016 - Deer, Kelp and Yellow Legs

Mild again this morning, stars are out. Chance of showers later today but looks more promising at the end of the week for rain. Tuesday was another lovely fall day. Seems that the temperatures are remaining warm, saves a little on the wood pile. The harbour was perfectly still, beautiful reflections from the Park side with the leaves. Probably just as well there was no wind as at high tide around 10:30-11am the water was gently sliding up over the seawall in places on the waterfront. Rarely do you see that unless it's a  storm surge.  Greta and I are making good progress on our Textile project. Of course a few laughs as we work makes for a happy workplace. There are certainly some very interesting items.
These days there are deer everywhere

A few more shorebirds from the weekend. Yellowlegs
They mostly ignored us and went about feeding.

Can't go to the seashore without a pic of the kelp

Enjoy your day!

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