Sunday, October 16, 2016

Day 290 - 16th October 2016 - Cobwebs, Reflections and a Song Sparrow

Dragging my butt this morning. Stayed up too late (for me) waiting to see what the election results for the Town of Shelburne would be. Had tea at Lois' in the evening and I suspect that didn't help - I was wired and wide awake.  Got a busy day ahead. Going to Ingomar for their Firemen's Breakfast then a little birding with a stop in Barrington for groceries. Have to find some time in the afternoon for the weekly meal preps and housework.
Last day at the Ross Thomson house on Saturday. It was a slow day but we took the opportunity to clean some things up and put the gardening stuff away for the season. The Dory Shop gang provided pizza for lunch and it was nice to have a few laughs with colleagues who have become friends over the summer.  
 Cobwebs in the soft morning light.
 A Song Sparrow just hanging out in the branches.
The water was so still - reflections in the lake
Blue Jay and Grackle share some bath time.

Enjoy your day!

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