Sunday, October 2, 2016

Day 276 - 2nd October 2016 - Yellow Rumped Warblers, Red Berries and Cedar Waxwing

Saturday has come and gone, good day at work and I'm off today. We made our Saturday pilgrimage to the Industrial Park on the way to work. Tons of Yellow Rumped Warblers, a Common Yellowthroat, Cedar Waxwings and a few Flickers. Mild out there this morning, no stars in the sky. I can hear something walking around the perimeter of the yard - probably the deer searching out the apple trees since the garden is gone. We do have some Swiss Chard that came back and if they leave it alone for a few more days I might actually get another feed of it. Well depending when the rain starts this morning, will do some birding some grocery shopping, meal prep for the week and a tiny bit of housework. I've put that last on the list as I don't think there will be much time for it.

It was a morning filled with Yellow Rumped Warblers

 Red berries
Cedar Waxwing in silhouette.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Nice photography, I have a Wisconsin nature blog, Wisconsin Nature Journal here on blogspot and clicked on yours as the next one after mine! I admire how you post daily. Great job.