Monday, October 17, 2016

Day 291 - 17th October 2016 - Frost, Eagles, Deer and Yellow Legs

Mild morning, overcast and you can feel dampness in the air.  Maybe we are going to get a little more rain, still need some. Even though the drought appears to have come to an end and wells are returning, they aren't quite full yet. For the next few weeks I'm traveling to town with Larry in the mornings so won't get my regular jaunt around the hood. Might have to try to get out after supper.
Had a great day. Took off early and went to the Firemen's Breakfast at Ingomar. Checked out the ponds along the way but they are pretty quiet. Then off to Cape Sable Island, a visit with Irene and Billy then a quick run around the Island to see if any birds were handy. A Great Blue Heron, some Yellow Legs, Gulls and a few Savannah Sparrows. Groceries at Barrington then back home to spend the afternoon cooking and cleaning.  Larry took a few hours off to go fishing - not much luck there.
A beautiful morning down in the Gunning Cove area.

 Frost dipped swamp

 Two Eagles at Ingomar

 A Deer was having breakfast along our route
 Yellow Legs

Enjoy your day!

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