Friday, October 28, 2016

Day 302 - 28th October 2016 - Fungi, the Lake and Mallards

A dark sky and starless morning. A chill in the air but lots of rain  on it's way for today. I'm off so it will be a good day for inside work. Well maybe a walk in the hood if I can beat the start of the rain first. And if I can buzz around and get lots done, perhaps a few hours curled up with a good mystery and a cup of tea. Rainy days are made for those kind of things and sometimes you just need to chill for a bit. Deer Hunting season starts, most of the men are off to camps or sitting in trees, watching for that big Buck. Had a good day at work, Thursday. We are making headway - the time seems to fly by on this project but there is still a lot more work to get done. Finished the day off with exercise class - for some odd reason I'm already hurting in a few muscles.
 Fungi, fallen leaves and pine spills make up the forest's floor these days.
 Popping up everywhere and then tumbling over.
 Quiet on the lake
The Mallards in silhouette near the shoreline.

Enjoy your day!

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