Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Day 277 & 278 - 3rd & 4th October 2016 - Dunlin, Great Blue Heron and Sanderlings

Sorry but I had a internet outage from Sunday suppertime til late afternoon on Monday, so today we have a combo blog - 2 days together.  Stars are all out this morning and it's pretty nippy. They were giving a  frost warning last night and we just might be getting it. The sun will warm things up again later today.
A little rain fell on Sunday but not a lot. Did up some work early - muffins, kitchen clean up before Larry and Lexi were out of bed. After breakfast we headed out to Cape Sable Island - it was kind of wet and miserable but at Daniel's Head we sat among the rocks along the shore (tide was up) and the shorebirds were so close you could nearly touch them. One of those days that they didn't care about you either. Sanderlings, Semipalmated Sandpipers and one Dunlin. We saw a number of Great Blue Herons, a few Yellow Legs and a Black Bellied Plover in other places along our route. Didn't hang around long, we headed back over to Barrington, did the groceries and then home again.
Dunlin in the rain

Great Blue Heron taking off.

Sanderling and Semipalmated Sandpiper

Semipalmated Sandpiper

Two Great Blue Herons - they never seem to want to hang around.
Cormorant just hanging out

Enjoy your day!

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