Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Day 301 - 27th October 2016 - Reflections, Sunrise and Grasses

A dark but milder morning, back to work today. Lots to get done - looking forward to seeing what other treasures we uncover.  More rain on the way for Friday, still needed - I see a little in the swamps but no where near what the norm is for this time of year. No winter yet!
The sun coming up over the lake called me out yesterday morning. I had every intention of getting some baking and laundry underway before heading out but...... It was a lovely quiet time with hardly a ripple on the lake. Although the wind did pick up later and we had a few rain showers throughout the day. I busied myself baking and then figuring out where it was going. All things baked must leave the house since Larry no longer eats sweets and I can't resist cooking. A bit of housework, a few phone calls to return and meals for the next couple of days rounded out my time.

Beautiful hues of pinks and purples reflect in the lake.

And then the sun pops out changing everything to gold.

A few grasses remain - turned brown by autumn against a background of leaves.

Enjoy your day!

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