Saturday, October 8, 2016

Day 282 - 8th October 2016 - Boar's Head Light and Sunset

True to form, I'm up early.  Once day light comes Big B. and I will take a jaunt around and see if there's any bird life. I've got a few favourite spots in this hood too. Lunch time we are off Whale watching, Dorothy and Roger and babysitting princess Lexi. Once we leave, she'll settle in and behave herself or at least that's what I hope. So all things point to a fabulous day!
Friday was a beautiful day to have off. No time to roam the hood though, had too many things to do. I started off making brown bread, getting the yeast ready, pulling out molasses, flour and oats. Quick jaunt around the hood in my pj's, rubber boots and measuring cup and Lois filled my request. Got that all put together and rising, then on to brownies for trifle. By lunch time the baking was all completed with some leftover trifle and a few rolls delivered to Lois for their supper in exchange for a turn in the shower. Nothing like a nice hot shower. Our water is still low and some days I get a little tired of the rationing of bath water. Clothes all packed, and Lexi and I were ready to roll when Larry got home. Made good time, wish we had an extra few minutes to stop for some photos - the leaf color on the back road was beautiful but we made it to the Ferry terminal with 8 minutes to spare.
Boar's Head Light in the sunset

The sky was so pink

The lights were twinkling at the ferry terminal in Tiverton

And dancing on the water.

Enjoy your day!

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