Thursday, October 20, 2016

Day 294 - 20th October 2016 - Sunrise, Sparrow and Grasses

A little cooler this morning, stars are in the sky but should turn out to be another mild day.  Yesterday morning the temperature read +17 when we were on our way to town.  Pretty good for this time of year.  More warm weather, a very brief shower of rain around lunchtime but looks like more to come on Friday. I'm missing my morning walks around the hood, but doesn't look like I'll get there until the weekend.  To be truthful, poor Big B. has been home all week. Just haven't had time to take out since I'm doing different work hours these days. Oh well, a vacation is good for her too. Still a few brilliantly coloured trees around but many of them are starting to look bare. Paths and country roads are littered in pine spills and leaves.
The sun was shining brightly over the trees

Sparrow resting in the branches.

Morning cobwebs and grasses sway in the breeze.
Done for another season.

Enjoy your day!

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