Monday, October 24, 2016

Day 298 - 24th October 2016 - Rainbows, Berries and Waves

Weather was miserable - cold, windy and rainy most of Sunday. The rain part was quite alright since we probably still need some of it. But there were rainbows everywhere. A double one in the back country on the way to Yarmouth. It was fading quickly so didn't get both. Anoher on the way down toward Cape Forchu. So that was pretty cool. It was one of our weird weather days in Nova Scotia. Sadly no birds around. Got some shopping done including the basics picked up at the Bulk Barn for my Christmas Baking. And dare I say - a few Christmas gifts purchased. On the way out to Dayton an Eagle was flying along the shore line - hunting or fishing I assume. Monday has arrived and it's back to the work week, although a short one this time. 


Still lots of red berries around.

You can just barely see this one.
The sea was rough, lots of people were watching the waves.

Enjoy your day!

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