Thursday, September 29, 2016

Day 273-29th September 2016 - Ferns and Deck Chairs

Good day at work, can't believe the season will soon be over. I guess the first thing on my "retirement" for the season list will be the fall cleaning. Hopefully the well will be full again by mid October. It's great to see the lakes and rivers rise but would really love to see the well come up too. Guess I've got to patiently wait for that water table.  Power was out during the night - always wakes me up when the digital clock goes black and then again when it comes back and is flashing. So not a very restful night - up at 4am, going to be a long day! Quiet in the hood these days, hardly a bird around. Soon time to put seeds in the feeders and bring in the hummingbird ones. No sign of them for a while, not even a stray passing through.

Soft color of fall.

But these bright deck chairs offer a punch of color on my walk.

The various ferns are finishing off for the season - some are yellow and orange.
Some have turned brown and are finished for another year.

Enjoy your day!

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