Thursday, September 8, 2016

Day 252 - 8th September 2016 - Catbird, Magnolia Warbler and Cattails

More humidity this morning. Going to be  busy day - tour bus scheduled for a visit. No rain in sight except a shower "maybe" for tonight. Looks like our drought will continue  - not much we can do but keep conserving. Walk in the hood this morning, been a couple of mornings since I've checked everything out.
Seems September is creeping by quickly, already the first week is gone Wednesday was hot and humid - nothing new there and will be for the next few days.  A few visitors around but not many. I was busy painting Whirligigs - the festival is coming up in another week so everyone is pitching in helping to get some extra ones done for the Dory Shop.

Magnolia Warbler peeking out from under the leaves
 Cat Tails
Not a great shot - Black Throated Green Warbler

Enjoy your day!

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