Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Day 265 - 21st September 2016 - Rain Drops, Ferns and Ducks

Well back to work today. I'm on the early run with Larry this morning so will have time to take a roam  along the waterfront. The hood is pretty quiet these days as far as birds go. 
Good day at home, humidity is still up but the rain stopped - not that we want it too. A full week of rain might just make some difference although the river and lakes have risen some. Our well however, has not.  A friend of mine issued a challenge yesterday morning to do a good deed. I made up a big batch of Chocolate Zucchini Cupcakes and gave them out to friends and neighbours.  That's a win win for me - I get to bake and a number of people got some treats. Since Larry no longer eats sweets, my rule is that when I get the urge to bake I have to give it away so it's not tempting him at home. It's been so long without rain that I had forgotten how good the woods smells - fresh but musky. Hoping the rain brings out some interesting fungi in the forest.
Everything was dripping in the hood.

The ducks were pretty feisty - must have been the extra water in the lake.

The lake has definitely come up some.

Colors are changing - a lot of the big ferns are turning yellow and gold. Soon to be gone for another season.

Enjoy your day!

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