Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Day 272 - 28th September 2016 - Leaves, Swamp Sparrow and Berries

Back to work, days off are over. Looks like mostly a foggy day in the forecast. Had a good day home, puttered around, little housework, muffins made and meals prepped. Got out for my morning walk - pretty quiet these days - Chickadees, Hermit Thrush, Swamp Sparrow, Blue Jays and a whole lot of Grackles. Began raining around lunch time - nice continuous rain until after supper. I put a few more buckets out and they filled quickly, but am crossing my fingers that it begins to make it's way into the well. The dampness went right through the house so we broke down and made our first fire in the furnace. I was trying to hold off until the 1st of October, as it seems once you start it's a long haul of tending fires til spring.
Leaves are falling under the chairs of a neighbour's deck.

Swamp Sparrow

A little fall color

 Fall berries.

Enjoy your day!

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