Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Day 271 - 27th September 2016 - A Side Trip to the Zoo

Well we had a good road trip on Monday. Glad I left extra early though - some road work being done but we still managed to get there an hour before our appointment, but it took all of that to get registered and an xray. All good news. We drove down the valley to Middleton on the way back, making a stop at Scotiagold and then Aylesford to the Oaklawn Zoo. So today you get zoo pics. Nothing exciting as it's hard to get good shots through the wire but we enjoyed walking around and seeing all the animals. I was surprised being a Monday in late September how many people were there.Off again today but guess I better dedicate most of my time to some housework and meal prep for this week. Am praying that for once those weather people are right and we will get rain most of the week.

Black Swan - Larry tried to convince me this could count as a lifer but I say no.

Lots of little Pgymy goats

I like the big cats

Love the Fascinator this bird is sporting.

If we had one of these- we'd have lots of nice big eggs!
And there were big goats too.

Enjoy your day!

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