Monday, September 26, 2016

Day 270 - 26th September 2016 - Brown Creeper, Golden Crown Kinglet and Sunrise

Up early but overslept  by 10 minutes - guess I didn't set the alarm right. I suppose it will go over at 4pm! Groan. Good thing I left plenty of travel time, so we won't be late for our appointment in Kentville. As much as I am a morning person, it begins after I've had my first cup of coffee. Beautiful start to the days - stars are all out, just a tad chilly. Big B is ready to roll just in case we find an hour to go birding. Although a little shopping wouldn't hurt either. The days are certainly getting cooler, might be good they we wear so many layer of clothes at work. Well it is this time of year anyway.
Up close - Brown Creeper

He's become a pretty regular and friendly visitor on my jaunts.

Saw 3 Golden Crowned Kinglets, but none would stay still long enough for a really good shot!

Sunrise over a foggy lake.

Enjoy your day!

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