Friday, September 23, 2016

Day 267 - 23rd Septembr 2016 - Sunlight, Blue Headed Vireo and Brown Creeper

Weather is cooler during the night and warms up in the day. Moon and stars are filling the sky this morning. The only thing I hear is a lone duck offering up a couple of "quacks" and one of the Donkeys next door. Like a broken record - I'll say it again - the only thing that would make it better would be rain. Had a nice walk in the hood yesterday morning and came across a small flock of birds - mostly Chickadees but also a Blue Headed Vireo and Brown Creeper. Seems even with the drought we are getting a little "fall" color but probably won't be as spectacular as what we are used to. The day was quieter at work - not so many visitors in, but I have lots to work on to pass the time. Hoping for a busy weekend.
A little morning sparkle

A misplaced Maple leaf?

Blue-headed Vireo in the morning sun

Brown Creeper - such a cool bird that blends in so well with tree bark.

Enjoy your day!

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