Friday, September 16, 2016

Day 260 - 16th September 2016 - Eagle, Reflections and Boats

The mornings are certainly cooler. Might soon turn the fan off at night ...maybe. These nights are so much better for sleeping. An Owl is hooting on the other side of the lake and something (probably a Deer) is walking around the garden. Not much left for them to eat there! Saw the Hummingbird in the Phlox hedge when I left for work yesterday but no sign of her when I came home. The Eagle is back around the lake. Usually he hangs out down by the river atop an old dead tree watching for ducks and fish but these days the river is too low for anything to be there. He has to eat too! Chasing him warmed me up on my walk ,but he must have headed across the lake as I lost him.
The Eagle circling around the coves.

Reflections in the lake

The old hand pump.

Beautiful morning on the harbour, boats will soon be docked.

Enjoy your day!

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