Monday, September 19, 2016

Day 263 - 19th September 2016 - Whirligigs and a Yellow Rumped Warbler

Up way too early on my day off but the music of rain on the roof top must have awaken me.  It's been raining over an hour now and a small dish on the deck tells me about 1/2 inch or more. Might be able to get one of my "deck showers" in before daylight comes. There was a flash of lightening and thunder about 4 am but that passed quickly. Larry checked our water level in the well yesterday and it had dropped again so fingers crossed this may help a little bit. No great plans for today except the norm of roaming the hood, housework and cooking for lunches and the rest of the week. Such an exciting life we lead but sometimes boring is good.
Another good day at work, we so enjoy the visitors who come through. It was the last day of the Whirligig Festival so I I snapped a few shots on my lunch hour. Took a run to the Industrial Park before work, but the birds were jittery in the wind - not coming out of the branches for good shots. Chickadees, Yellow Rumped Warblers, Northern Parulas and Common Yellowthroats.

Yellow Rumped Warbler

Enjoy your day!

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