Friday, September 9, 2016

Day 253 - 9th September 2016 - Waves, Gull and Belted Kingfisher

 Ah Friday has arrived and a weekend off for me - rah! A little rain is falling this morning but as usual no amount is expected - it helps to dampen things and keep the dust down. Birds are flocking up, there are at least 100 Grackles these days that fly back and forth over the yard. Still have 3-4 Hummingbirds around. I assume a female and youngsters - at least 1 young male. Boy are they feisty - not sure how anyone gets anything from the feeders but they are going down rapidly. I expect they'll be gone any day now.
Busy day at work Thursday. I did a walking tour along the waterfront with a Tour Bus group then they all roamed the museums after lunch. First time I've done a tour like that, but after I got in to the groove and forgot the clipboard with the write up it went along fine. Might be something to think about for next year. Not interested in doing much in the evenings - just to hot and humid. Hopefully the wind will soon haul and the air will clear out again.

 Never a trip to the beach without some wave action.
 This young Gull almost blends in with his surroundings
Even weeds are  pretty blowing in the wind
Belted Kingfisher hiding behind a tree branch

Sanderling, I think.

Enjoy your day!

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