Saturday, September 3, 2016

Day 247 - 3rd September 2016 - Lake, Ducks and Leaves

Beautiful clear morning, stars are out and the air is fresh feeling. An Owl is way up the road, I can just hear him. No rain in the forecast for the next few days, although my days off Monday and Tuesday look like they might be a bit wet. No complaints - I'll put Big B's rain jacket on and go birding anyway on Monday since it's one of the few days Larry and I have both had off together. 
No rain but at least there was a breeze in the air on Friday. Good day at work, visitors around and I continue with our project of finding out about some of the neat artifacts. Actually we are working on the inventory but I tend to need more information about things as I go, so it take a little longer. Knowledge is good and will make for a more interesting tour as we get things put together. Grocery shopping after work and then a lazy night in.
A little haze over the lake as the sun came up.

We are beginning to see  more changes in the season with a few colored leaves.

The ducks - mostly Mallards
And still blooming with summer colors.

Enjoy your day!

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