Sunday, September 11, 2016

Day 255 - 11th September 2016 - Red Knots, Cormorant and Great Blue Herons

Had a lovely Saturday excursion. Did the loop down to Blanche, hit Sandhills Beach. Lots of good birds but nothing new. As nice as it is to get a lifer I really just enjoy getting out and seeing what's around. The shorebirds are great, most of the time you can just roam along and they ignore you. Got smart this time and left my sandals with Larry and went barefoot so I could wade through the water. Surprisingly it was warmer than our lake. Lunch at West Head Take Out, then off to Barrington for a few groceries and some more supplies for the renos. A little bit of  a break at home and we got ready to attend a 65th Birthday Party - we had an early night, all that fresh air made us both tired.
Sunday is going to be a roam the hood, prep for the work week kind of day. Nothing exciting planned and I need to spend some time home if I want to get anything done. And we might just get a few rain drops in the afternoon with the chance of thunder/lightning.
Red Knots

 Sanderling flying in to interrupt the Red Knots
 They weren't bothered much by me.

Not a great shot as it happened so fast but one Great Blue Heron flew in at another one we were watching.

 Spotted Sandpiper, I think.

 Cormorant - just hanging out

Enjoy your Day!

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