Saturday, September 24, 2016

Day 268 - 24th September 2016 - Mist, Sun and Reflections

 Another great day at work on Friday. Not a lot of people but those they came were lovely folks from all over the world! One lady from California told me she had been to Halifax on a cruise ship 3 years ago and knew she wanted to save her money and come back to spent as much time as she could in Nova Scotia and go where she wanted to. She and her friend were having the time of their life! A couple from Scotland had just retired and were traveling - they too were in love with our province. I never doubt that we are lucky to live in such a great place, especially this county. Quiet morning walk, fall is a great time to enjoy the fog rising off of the lake as the sun makes a lazy appearance. Not a lot of birds Friday, just a couple of Song Sparrows. Working again this weekend, then this evening we've got a couple of birthday gatherings to attend. Going to be a busy evening.

A good morning for reflections and a misty sunrise

Song Sparrow hiding in the branches.

It was beginning to roll out.
You could see the clouds reflected in the lake.

Enjoy your day!

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