Sunday, May 29, 2016

Day 150 - 29th May 2016 - Gray Catbirds, Snowy Egret, Black-Throated Green Warbler and Blue Headed Vireo

I'm late this morning, but tried loading too many photos at once which rarely works so had to begin again. Looks like a good day coming on. Lots to do but first on the list in some breakfast and a lurk around the hood to see what's out there. Then some lunch box cooking to get ahead of the busy week. 
Had a great trip to Yarmouth Saturday, a little later than planned leaving home but with thunder and torrential rain the diva dog refused to leave the house to do what needed to be done. So we had to wait a little. It didn't last long so we were off!  A few warblers at Bear Brook as well as lots of Barn Swallows and a Hawk hanging out somewhere near by, we could hear him but not see him. The Rhodora there is beautiful. Once we hit Yarmouth we headed out toward Overton and Cape Forchu, although we didn't go all the way to the light. Stayed around Thomas Rd hunting for Warblers.  I think they should re-name it Catbird alley - wow every where we looked there were Catbirds, singing their crazy songs. Did find some Warblers but nothing new. Then it was off to do some shopping and lunch at the Red Shed down on the waterfront. With a full day of shopping and some birding under our belts we managed to get home by supper time. It turned into a beautiful day and still +26 when we got back.
A couple of the many Catbirds who sang to us.

Willet at Overton

Blue Headed Vireo

Female Black -Throated Green Warbler.

Snowy Egret - love the yellows shoes.

Enjoy your day!

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