Monday, May 23, 2016

Day 144 - 23rd May 2016 - Northern Parula, Common Yellow-Throated Warbler and Lilacs

Monday morning - a holiday for some, others will be off to work as in our household. Suppose to be a few showers this morning, so I guess I'll be housebound for a while. That's ok, I've got plans to continue with some purging - to make room for the downstairs bathroom that's going to get put in this summer. By the time I've finished it should be good for a jaunt around the hood. I guess it might be a good time to put away some of the heavier winter clothes too (I hope). 
Weather wise Sunday was a bit of a bummer but we need the rain so won't complain. I got out for my morning walk and finally found a couple of Common Yellow-throated Warblers in the hood. I've yet to see a Vireo and some others that are normally on my spring list. Almost got ran over by a deer but it's the country so sometimes you have to expect those things to happen and learn to move quickly. Larry got the tiller out and did the garden, puttered around in the greenhouse when the rain started. I did up the regular Sunday chores - lunch box prep, laundry etc. and curled up in the chair for an hour and read. Rainy Sundays make you feel lazy, rather than head to the sofa that was calling out my name I walked over and had tea with Lois. She's was in the same mode.
It was a good morning for Northern Parulas.

The wind had picked up a bit so he had that fluffy look.

 A Cedar Waxwing in the woods, there were 3-4 and will soon be in my yard. I wait for them every spring. They spend a day or two in the apple blossoms.
 Common Yellow-Throat - obviously not showing me his best side!
Another seasonal beauty - Lilacs are beginning to bloom.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. At the camper and no more signs of the owl. He had been pretty vocal. Did see swallows at the building. No lilacs at the house yet but lots of buds.