Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Day 145 - 24th May 2016 - Red-Breasted Grosbeak, Lupins and Buttercups

Back to work today, not many left here and I'll be off to my new adventure soon. Going to be a very busy few days getting things done. Giving a chance of showers today so guess Big B. will stay home. Pretty quiet out there this morning, but it's still a little early, birds will starting singing shortly. 
The weather was pretty dismal Monday - mostly drizzle but the sun made a brief appearance early in the afternoon. It was a good day inside though - really felt great and got lots done. Now if we can get a few more things moved from Larry's room I think we are ready to start the downstairs bathroom. As much as I look forward to it, I detest the thought of DIY construction. It always lasts so much longer than we expect.  Cathy stopped up in the morning for her Jamacia Me Crazy coffee and a chat. It was good to catch up.  I miss our regular Tuesday afternoons that we have all winter. I didn't get out for my regular walk but Lexi and I went a couple of times.
Female Red-Breasted Grosbeak - now where is that handsome male!
The Lupins will soon be in bloom. A nice puddle of water in the centre of the leaf.
A little color coming on this one.
And buttercups adorn the yard.

Enjoy  your day!

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  1. Maybe she is flying solo and isn't looking for that male Grosbeak! :) have a productive day and don't forget anything.