Saturday, May 7, 2016

Day 128 - 7th May 2016 - Wild Violets, Palm Warbler and Grandmother's Journal

It's Saturday! Rah! Hubby is taking me on a little adventure - some sightseeing and bird watching (hopefully), can't get much better than that. Looks like a good day on the horizon although the sky is empty of stars this morning. Of course that means no housework today, but who really cares it's always there another day.
Grandmother's Journal:
7 May 1977: Came out a nice day. Enough wind to help keep the blackflies away. Bob, Bettie & Sidney up to help with planting trees. Big help for Bob. Stan & Bettie up this evening. Stan, Bettie and I drove over to Banks. 
8 May 1977: Beautiful day. Cold wind but good for working outside. No flies because of wind. Bob, Bettie & Mike (Sid was here overnight) up and helped all day. Planting Apple trees. Big help for Bob. No Company today. I have worked really hard all week and very tired tonight. Cold but a beautiful evening. Boys from NS School for Boys up here in stolen car. Didn't even let us know. 
9 May 1977: Beautiful early this morning. Very cold. White frost everywhere. Brooks are covered with ice. Many rabbits along road as I went to town. Not on car. No one dipping kiacks. Became overcast in afternoon at suppertime rain with hail. Easterly winds. Emma and Charlie Harris in for a short visit.
Canada Mayflower leaves I think (haven't got my wildflower book out yet) bursting through the ground.

Wild Violets are making an appearance.

Seems there are a number of Palm Warblers around.
And the feeders are still busy with Purple Finches.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. This is Grandmother Robertson's journal I am assuming?