Sunday, May 1, 2016

Day 122 - 1st May 2016 - Savannah Sparrow, Sanderlings and Piping Plover

Good morning May! Hope you bring us sunshine and warm weather and rain while we sleep. I know that last wish is unlikely but a girl can try. It's a beautiful morning with the Song Sparrows singing around the yard, a Hermit Thrush somewhere across the road, a Loon in the lake and an Owl up the lake with the day light coming all soft and glowing over the lake. No idea what we'll get up to today, except I know being Sunday there are muffins to make and lunch box prep to do.
Had a good run to Cape Sable Island yesterday morning, lots of Savannah and Song Sparrows around, Sanderlings and Piping Plovers on the Daniel Head's Beach and Willets scattered throughout. We did get a glimpse of the Glossy Ibis, but too far away for anything but a dot on a photograph. Didn't get to Baccaro and up through to Port Clyde, my time was running short and I had to be in to the office.

Savannah Sparrow
Seal was heading back to the water at Stoney Island Beach.

Willet. I'm never sure why people feel the need to throw their garbage where it doesn't belong.
Sanderlings skimming along the waves.
Sanderling - fun to watch and if you stay still they will ignore you and go about their feeding at the water's edge.

One of eight Piping Plovers at Daniel's Head.

Enjoy your day!

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