Saturday, May 21, 2016

Day 142 - 21st May 2016 - Savannah Sparrow, Song Sparrow and Short-Billed Dowitchers

 Looks like a glorious Saturday morning, think it will be a birding day - were there ever any doubts about it! Sandhills beach in Villagedale should be open now and Cape Sable Island has lots of interesting birds around so those will be our two choices. Maybe a little celebratory lunch at West Head Take Out and grocery shopping in Barrington. Life is simple, life is good!
Great end to the week! After 13 years working in the same place, I've taken a position elsewhere - they say a change is a good as a rest and I'm pretty excited to be starting a new adventure in my life. Going to miss some of the people I've worked with and for over the years but I know it's the right decision as the smile is back in my heart again.

Savannah Sparrow

Looks like this Tree Swallow has found a home.

Song Sparrow - lots of them everywhere
Short-Billed Dowitcher coming in for a landing.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Sounds like an awesome day. Good luck with your new position. Are we going to find out where it is?? :) Hopefully my meds will kick in and I'll get to enjoy some of this weekend. :)

  2. Congratulations!! Enjoy the day & celebrate :)

  3. Congratulations!! Enjoy the day & celebrate :)