Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Day 139 - 18th May 2016 - Baltimore Oriole, Rhodora, Tulips and Muscari

It's Wednesday, I'm off and the weather is looking favourable. A bit fogging out there this morning but no wind... I say no wind every day until I head out for my walk and then it starts up again. Anyway it looks like a double digit afternoon so I'll get some stuff done inside, head out for my walk early and then enjoy some yard time after lunch. Getting up early has it's advantages.
A quiet day in town on Tuesday, so I'm managing to get through things and find a light at the end of my backlog tunnel. Most evenings after supper I can get out for a walk but I'm finding I have more bird activity in the yard than in the woods. Need to check my counts for past seasons and see when things arrived but I'm definitely seeing a decline and not sure why.
On a plus note the Baltimore Oriole is still here.
Wild Pear or Wild Cherry I think.
The Rhodora is in bloom along the water.
And like the wild flowers throughout the woods, the yard flowers are moving along. Daffodils are spent Tulips are now in bloom.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Finally after all these years I know that name of that beautiful purple plant that grows wild at the lake. Rhodora Thanks for identifying that for me Kim. Also didn't know that grape hyacinth were also known as Muscari. I love it when you identify plants as well as birds. Thanks :) xo