Monday, May 16, 2016

Day 137 - 16th May 2016 - Baltimore Oriole, Belted King Fisher and Red-Winged BlackBird

It's Monday - the work week begins once again! Has started raining but doesn't look like we will get much.  Lots to do today, hope I get my morning walking in. Exercise class this evening.
We had a good Sunday. Went to the Fireman's Breakfast in Ingomar - yeah it's a long ways from home but we did a little birding along our way and we like to support local community organizations when we can. Besides they're a nice bunch down there.  We were back home by 10:30 and that was after stopping for tea at Cathy's. By that time it started to rain so Larry puttered around in the greenhouse and I got into my Sunday routine of muffins, lunch box prep and some fast housework. The sun broke after lunch so I took a roam around. A few Warblers and the Ovenbird but no one much wanted to get out of the tree tops. Excitement of the day came shortly after when I spied a Female Baltimore Oriole in the Lilac Bush - such fun. Lois came over and we got some nice shots once she settled into one of the Apple trees. I still wonder what appears in the yard when I'm not home!
Female Baltimore Oriole - pretty well on schedule, had a male last year on the 24th.

Once she settled in with the apple blossoms she didn't care how many photos we took.

Belted Kingfisher - I'm getting closer.
Black and White Warbler.

The female Red Winged Blackbird arrived, but the male who had been here for several days singing had left.

For those non-bird people - only a day or two and the ferns will be open.

Enjoy your day!

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