Thursday, May 5, 2016

Day 126 - 5th May 2016 - Palm Warbler, Yellow-Rumped Warbler and Evening Grosbeak

 Going to be a wet day. Rained during the night and still some more to come today, wish we could send some to Fort Mac. Work day, lots to do as always, getting a bit of backlog clear up from winter. Seems that it's never ending. Oh well that's what I'm there for!
Well the sun did make an appearance but was pretty lazy about doing it on Wednesday. Blackflies got more active in the afternoon, although not biting me...yet! At least I've given up my mittens on my morning walk these last few days. Lots of Palm and Yellow Rumped Warblers around, but still no sign of any others. The yard is really busy with Purple Finches and a few Goldfinches. Made a pot of chili for the next couple of nights for supper, did some housework (light) and had a few visitors in the afternoon coffee. All in all a good day off.
I was fortunate to get a couple of good Palm Warblers on my walk.

Always happy when the pose for you.
Yellow-Rumped Warbler, he put in an appearance with a flock of Purple Finches in the yard.

And there were several Evening Grosbeaks around.

Of course I have too many  of this pretty one - Grackle.

Enjoy your day!

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