Sunday, May 15, 2016

Day 136 - 15th May 2016 - Dowitchers, Savannah Sparrow, Eastern Kingbird and Pheasant

Sun is rising, I see a band of red on the horizon through the trees - rain in the forecast. We are off to Ingomar for their Fireman's Breakfast this morning then back home to get ready for the work week. Some cooking and cleaning for me and Larry will work in the garden and greenhouse if it doesn't rain too hard. 
Larry and I had a great bird count day. Left home at 7am travelled down through Gunning Cove, all the wharves, beaches and side roads through to Blanche, Port Clyde, Port LaTour, Baccaro and out to Barrington. Stopped for some fast grocery shopping then homeward. Supper then I did a quick whip around the hood. The day started off with thick fog and some drizzle but shortly after lunch the sun was shinning.  We got home by supper time and did a quick jaunt around the hood to see what else could be added or if I had missed anything exciting. Not really.
Short-Billed Dowitchers
 Savannah Sparrow
Eastern Kingbird  - not a great shot but I was pleased I knew what it was!

We were looking all around and here he was walking along side the car.

Green-wing Teal

There were a number of Sanderlings mixed in with the Dowitchers.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Short-Billed Dowitchers ???? How freaking long would the bill be on a long billed one?? Holy Moly. :)