Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Day 138 - 17th May 2016- Bee, Red-Winged Blackbird, Black & White Warbler and Baltimore Oriole

Looks like a better morning on the horizon. Wind has died out, dawn is coming and the birds are singing. Temperatures should be warmer today than yesterday. Going to be a long day, was up earlier than I should have been and had rather a restless night but will move through all that with a bit of positive energy. Lots to do.
Brrr... Monday was cold, I even saw some hail about mid morning and wind wise it was right up there with a hurricane! When I left for my morning walk and to catch my ride the Baltimore Oriole and Female Red-Winged Blackbird was back in the yard and were still there when we got home at supper time. Not much more can make a girl happy than the birds in her yard.  The day went along well despite the weather.
Happy to see a bee in the blueberry blossoms.

The boys were all hanging around doing nothing.

 The female Red-Winged Blackbird was back and finally the male put in an appearance at supper time. He spent a lot of time singing to her.
 Seems to be a number of Black and White Warblers around

And the Baltimore Oriole was still around. She had eaten most of the orange we put out so Larry is now missing another one that would go in his lunch box.

Enjoy your day!

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