Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Day 181 - 29th June 2016 - Red-Winged Blackbird, Ducks and Common Yellowthroat

No rain yet but it's foggy over the lake.  They are giving showers, let's hope we get some, everything is really dry and the lake is lower than normal for this time of year. Back to work today, this afternoon we are doing pressed flowers for the weekly activity. Should be fun. Hopefully I'll get a little jaunt it this morning around the hood.
Tuesday was another nice day. The First Aid course went great, but then Bill the Instructor is darn good at teaching it. Big B. didn't go to town with me today, she wasn't interested so stayed home. I kind of wish I'd taken her since when I was waiting for Larry to get off work I saw a few Warblers flitting around near by. Maybe over the weekend when I work I'll get down a few minutes early and take a peek around there.
Female Red-winged Blackbird.

I flushed a couple of ducks.

 Common Yellowthroat in the morning light.

Looks like she's got an itchy foot.

Enjoy your day!

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