Sunday, June 12, 2016

Day 164 - 12th June 2016 - Pickerelweed, Red-Eyed Vireo and Cedar Waxwing

A rainy Sunday morning doesn't stop the birds from singing. The garden will jump by leaps and bounds if we get some sun shine and warmth after this. The peas are doing well, but they don't mind the cooler days we had last week. Off to work again, it will probably be mostly an inside day. 
My first Saturday went well, not so many people around but lots to do just the same. As has been the weather this week, the wind picked up later in the morning, maybe not as bad as it has been. Feels like we are living in a hurricane zone this week.  Should have taken Big B. with me, around lunch time I watched 3 Crows chasing a Bald Eagle over the waterfront. There are lots of Song Sparrows around the complex, they seem to be used to people and much tamer than those we have in the country. I love hearing them sing to me. Larry worked in the woodpile, I'm sure he gets more done with me working and not pulling him off birding on Saturday.
The Pickerelweed is growing, soon there will be spikes of blue flowers.

 The Red-Eyed Vireos love hiding.

An American Goldfinch all dressed in his summer colors.

Cedar Waxwing tucked away in the foliage.

Enjoy your day!

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