Monday, June 13, 2016

Day 165 - 13th June 2016 - Raindrops, Hermit Thrush and Reflections

Monday has rolled around again, the weeks fly by. I'm off today and tomorrow so hoping for a couple of fine days. I'll actually get to exercise class tonight too. Hope I'm not too out of shape! Lots to do around here, will do my lunch box prep and muffins that I normally do on the weekend. And get in some roaming the hood!
A mostly quiet Sunday but a few visitors in- really nice people who are travelling these days. It was another wonky weather day, thought for sure the sun was going to come out, but then it would get overcast and the wind would pick up once again. Can't control the weather, best to just go with the flow and work with it. Larry was in charge of supper, which was great - salmon, lots of veggies and he even made me a Rhubarb crisp.  He doesn't like rhubarb and crisp isn't on his diet so guess I'll be forced to eat it this week. What a hardship.
Something about raindrops on leaves make them come alive.

Always the faithful - Hermit Thrush.

Lupins are in bloom along the road - a Nova Scotia favourite.
Cloud reflections in the lake.

Enjoy your day!

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