Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Day 174 - 22nd June 2016 - Northern Parula, Sheep Laural and Chickadee

Seems to be a foggy morning out there, but it will no doubt clear and the sun will shine once again. It's Wednesday so my early morning traveling with Larry and checking out what the Town may offer for sights and sounds on my morning walk. Chicken going in the slow cooker this morning for supper tonight. Hopefully there is no wind this afternoon as we want to do candle making and won't be able to if it blows. If not it will be the fine art of felting.
Every day is a good day at work. Not a lot of visitors in but those we have are as interesting to us as we are to them. Seems to be a lot of tourists around for this time of year (not quite prime season) and many are from very far away. We are also finding a number of "Nova Scotia Tourists" checking out their own province which is really nice to see.
The Northern Parula joined me part way through my walk.

Sheep Laural

Foggy morning on the lake.

 Every morning a couple of Chickadees are around this old tree that has broken off. Not sure if they are stashing food or have a nest there.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Another of my childhood plants identified. Yayyyy Love, love, love the chickadees. I think they're my favourite.