Sunday, June 5, 2016

Day 157 - 5th June 2016 - Yellow, Yellow Rumped and Common Yellowthroat Warblers

Foggy morning, I can just see a glimmer of daylight through the trees, but I'm sure it will lift and be a nice day.  Home today, need to get ready for the work week - meal planning, lunch box prep and some housework. Turkey going in the oven later today which will give me something to work suppers around.  And I will definitely be roaming the hood a little bit.
Great day birding and roaming around. Headed down the Port Clyde Road and on to Blanche, ponds were quiet along the way - the odd Willet and a few Black Ducks. Think we took 2 hours to go up and down the Blanche Road, with me doing a lot of walking.  It was a good day for Warblers and Flycatchers. Magnolia, Yellow, Yellow Rumped and Common Yellowthroat Warblers, Northern Parulas were among the ones we saw and identified. Song Sparrows and Hermit Thrushes were handy as well.A few voices in the bushes I wasn't sure about. Flycatchers were out  and they can be a confusing lot. 99% sure of a Willow Flycatcher which was new to my lifer list, but only a distant doc shot. However, his song confirmed who he was from the Alder Flycatcher which we saw a number of.  I had planned on taking a side trip to Sandhills Beach but time was escaping us and the tide was high in the morning and it's one of those spots that I like to go on a lower tide for birding. Off to do some shopping at Barrington, lunch at West Head Take Out and a quick run to the Hawk and Daniel's Beach. Home by late afternoon with time to do a few household chores and then curl up for a lazy evening while Larry went fishing.
Yellow Warbler
Yellow Rumped Warbler

Northern Parula

Common Yellowthroat - I think Saturday was mostly a yellow bird day!

 Alder Flycatcher. His song confirmed that's what he was.

Enjoy your day!

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  1. Who knew there were so many birds with yellow on them. Wow, it'd be a lifetime project to try and learn them all. Love learning what new birds look like. I have a folder on my computer and I save all your birds, pics of Mikes place and all the pics of the " Point " in my KRW folder. Love checking it from time to time. Never fails to put a smile on my face. :) Thank you