Thursday, June 2, 2016

Day 154 - 2nd June 2016 - Bleeding Heart, Chives and Ducks

Up a little early this morning thanks to a Diva dog named Lexi, not sure what she found to bark at - maybe a deer roaming through the yard. But it's a spectacular start to the day anyway - owl hooting, loons in the lake singing, several Song Sparrow around the edge of the property and daylight coming through the trees. A great morning to enjoy coffee on the deck.
Had a fabulous opening day, a few tourists around, we started making plans for the garden and lots of other things on the go. I believe it's going to be a busy and exciting summer. I passed on housework after supper and opted for a roam in the hood instead. The Cedar Waxwings are still around, Ovenbirds in a couple of spots and saw a Blue Headed Vireo in Lois' yard. Wildflowers are popping up everywhere.

Looking down the harbour from the Fishermen's Memorial. You can see the Sandy Point Light way in the background.

Bleeding Hearts in someone's garden.
 Chives from the herb garden.
These three youngsters are growing quickly and will soon be as big as their Mom.

Enjoy your day!

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