Friday, June 17, 2016

Day 169 - 17th June 2016 - Swamp Sparrow and Song Sparrow

Looks like a good day in the making, think we missed the frost even though it's a tad chilly out there. Sun is coming up over the lake, calm no wind yet.  More school groups this morning, but not as many as yesterday. And then we'll  be back in the gardens this afternoon. I think it will be a good morning for walking. It's so nice to just have an hour to roam along and enjoy all of what nature sends forth.
Well Thursday was a very busy day. Headed out early for my morning walk, am hearing birds but not seeing a lot. A little  frustrating but I'll enjoy what they give me and for now that seems to be their songs.  It was a busy day at work - 50 students in the morning and then we started over hauling some of the flower beds. The new herb garden we are doing is shaping up, hopefully this weekend we'll be ready to move plants. A little exhausted by the end of the day but a good feeling.
A Swamp Sparrow.

Looks like he caught the green worm.

One of the Song Sparrows that hangs out around the Museum Complex.

This bush is on the waterfront but I'm not sure what it is.

Enjoy your day!

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