Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Day 166 - 14th June 2016 - Common Yellowthroat, Iris' and Water Lilies

A little dismal looking out there this morning, a few showers being called for, would love to see the sunshine. Slept in a bit this morning, but then the internet was slow so I'm late getting the blog up and running. A few projects to finish off at home today, some roaming and hopefully a little deck/yard time.
Lots accomplished on my day off. Bed changed, double batch of muffins baked, a little lunch box prep, some light housework. So much more energy these days. Got out around the hood, amazing how things are appearing in just a few days. Everything is green and lush. Saw a number of Hermit Thrushes, heard the Ovenbirds, Magnolia Warbler and Northern Parula. Thought I spied a Chestnut sided Warbler but couldn't even get a doc shot.  Finally made it to exercise class last night after being absent for several weeks. Not so easy to get there now.

 Female Common Yellowthroat Warbler.

Water Lilies are beginning to appear.

Iris' are blooming in the gardens.
First of the summer.

Enjoy your day!

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