Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Day 10 - 10th January 2018- Phlox, Grasses and a Blue Jay

Had a great day at work, Tuesday.  Didn't get done what I set out to do in the morning but got a whole lot of other things done. Some days are like that so you might as well just laugh and move on to something else.  Everywhere is slippery under foot now and coming home last night the roads were really slick. Drivers beware, I'm sure it will be the same this morning. Looks like more rain coming by the end  of the week and perhaps another system of sorts on Saturday. Stars are all out this morning, with a crescent moon in the sky and it's windy. I've miss watching the birds at the feeder these last few days - always like to see if something new has arrived.

The Phlox hedge is still standing, offering some shelter and food for the birds.
I'm amazed at the endurance of the grasses, faded but still strong.

Blue Jay was enjoying some rest time by the outside lights on Lois' arbor.

Enjoy your day!

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